Image above is a redesign for the CalWIN MyBenefits homepage.
Objective: In 2015, the CalWIN MyBenefits web page (designed in 2012) was busy with links and difficult to navigate. It needs to be needed to be simpler and easier to understand.
Problem: The CalWIN MyBenefits web page needed to be simpler however there are legal requirements and restrictions that constrain the product design and usability. There was a recent increase in clients and many were struggle with using the website, understanding how the program works, knowing their rights, and knowing their responsibilities with program services. 
The above image is from the 2012 design for CalWIN MyBenefits homepage
Process: This was a project with CalWIN, State of California and my role was as a design consultant. Qualitative research was conducted with clients and with service providers, including comparative usability testing. We were considerate of the systems-level patterns and frameworks, and the legal requirements. 
Date: 2016 • Client: CalWIN, State of California • Category: User Experience & Web Design  
Tools: Sketch 3, InVision, Balsamiq
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