In a recent poll in 2014, San Francisco housed 837,442 people and the city is rapidly growing with the large influx of technology jobs. The City of San Francisco is not encouraging the arts, but we are encouraging new technology and design innovation. Meanwhile the city is having a displacement of the established community much of which was based around community arts and social cause based non-profits. There is a general lack of understanding about the arts and their role within the city. How can we try to foster a respect for the city, the arts and it's history while maintaining the rapid growth of new inhabitants and travelers alike?

I conducted user research via an online survey that was passed around on Twitter, Facebook and via email with a demographically diverse group of people that live in San Francisco and derived some informative research results. I conducted a comparative analysis to see what existed on the market that may be similar to try to solve this issue (most of which were indirectly similar tools such as Foursquare or museum mobile apps like for MoMA). Some additional work I produced for this project included three personas, functional and content requirement listings, a user scenario, use case, site map, creative brief, and wireframes.

I used Sketch 3, Illustrator, Photoshop and InVision to create a prototype of an app that would facilitate the accessibility, advocacy and education to better understand our community through public art, architecture, street art and public spaces. These types of arts humanizes the built environment around us and invigorates public spaces. Communities gain through public art and street art cultural, social, and economic value. These arts provide an intersection between past, present and future, between disciplines, and between ideas. Public art, street art, architecture and public space is freely accessible to all types of people, to help bring community identity to a city that is currently plagued with displaced residents and inequality. 

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Date: 2015 • Client: Awhere Mobile App • Category: UX & Mobile App Design, Branding 
Tools: Sketch 3, Illustrator CC, InVision, Microsoft Visio, OmniGraffle
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